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0trtrgment j^eat *f G$rfefk 

No. 15. SEPTEMBER, the 17th. Price 2d. 

Shewing that the Messiah must arise out of Ireland^ to fulfil 
the Scriptures^ which is signified by the harp. u / will open 
my dark saying upon the harp" Psalm^ xlix. 9. 

terrible fear, despair arid anguish of mind, fearing that he 
had lost eternal life ; here was the agony and bloody sweat. 
Power was given to those locusts, as the scorpions of the 
earth have power, and to bring him to obedience, and 
make him give up the falsehood were these torments sent 
upon him. 

But though, like Job, he was delivered into their power, 
yet you see they were not to touch his life, for they were 
commanded not to kill the Lord's anointed, not to hurt the 
blade of life — (signified by the grass) — that was in him, 
neither any green thing, nor any tree, which means the 
same thing ; but that the affliction was designed only to 
hurt those men that had not the seal of God in their fore- 
head's — i. e. the creature was not to be killed, but was 
given up to torment of mind, five months, that is, the five 
winter months, in which time he had to grapple with the 
iron hand of death ; to cross the red sea, and to struggle 
into life, to turn the edge of the flaming sword that stood 
against him, and to fight his way back into paradise, out of 
which he was cast for disobedience to the heavenly calling ; 
he having eat of the forbidden fruit, viz. — Which was 
particularly forbidden unto him, because he was created a 
living soul, he had in him the new and divine principle, that 
was designed to give new life to mankind, i. e. new light 
and knowledge, to begin and establish a new system of 
things, the new era, therefore in him was the tree of the 



knowledge of good and evil. The evil was in him always, 
the old serpent, but the younger principle — the good was 
newly imparled. So here was the tree of the knowledge of 
good and evil in the midst of the garden, the heart, and the 
eating of this tree brought death. The two principles 
coming in contact caused the bloody battle, so it was 
written, "of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil 
that stands in the midst of the garden, thou shalt not eat, 
neither shall ye touch it least ye die." "The day thou 
eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." — i.e. thou shalt be 
overcome by the evil, and shalt be cast down into spiritual 
death; yet this death,. this spiritual and mental tribulation 
shall purely purge away thy dross, and take away thy tin or 
sin, and thou shalt rise to newness of life. This death shall 
destroy him that had the power of death, which is the devil, 
and bring life and immortality to light, and so it has, and 
herein the Scriptures are proved to be the word of God, 
which could not be proved by professing christians. 

Having now shewn to my readers what the bottomless 
pit, or the abyss really is ; and the locusts that came out of 
the smoke. I must here bring forward a curious account of 
the locust, and of an insect called the locust, infesting once 
the county of Galway, in Ireland ; and the people eating 
of them; in which the author says was fulfilled a very 
mysterious passage of Scripture, viz : where the command 
is to eat the locust. Levit. xi. 21, 22. This curiosity 
appears in a work intituled the anti-infidel, and religious 
advocate, published in the Strand, this year, 1 83 1 ; but we 
think that the readers, with ourselves, will say on reading of 
it, that if the author cannot give a better explanation of 
Scripture, he will be proved an infidel himself, for he is a 
real infidel that does not believe in God ; and if the author 
of this wonderful interpretation of that Scripture was a 
believer in the true God, that God would be (in him) true 
light, and not darkness, and upon this ground, which is the 
only true ground ; we can prove that it is the professing 
Christians that are the infidels in reality, and worshipers of 
God's of wood, and of stone, that can neither hear nor see. 

The article alluded to is in page fifteenth of the work, and 
is headed thus : singular illustration of an obscure Scrip- 
ture passage, and then goes on to relate, in the nineteenth 


volume of the philosophical transactions, Dr. Molyneux, 
has produced a prodigious flight of insects which appeared 
on the north west coast, of the county of Galway, in lt>88. 
They committed such devastations, and were so numerous, 
that the Irish people were compelled to cook, and adopt 
them as food, for the purpose of preventing the starvation, 
otherwise inevitable ; and from his account they appear 
greatly to have resembled the Hebrew Ilek. This insect 
belonged to the tribe called by naturalists Koleopteras, the 
Scarabeus, or beetle kind. It is thought to be the same 
species of beetle, which is called by Aristotle, Melolanthe, 
from its devouring the blossoms of apples ; and is known to 
English readers as the doars or hedge-chaffers. After 
demonstrating that these insects were identical with the 
Bruchus mentioned in Joel and Nahum, and Leviticus, 
(how detestable is the wisdom of the pretended wise,) and 
rendered into English by the term canker worm. The 
doctor observes, (O what wonderful wisdom,) I cannot help 
taking particular notice of it (he says) and giving my 
thoughts more fully upon the rational of that old clause in 
the Jewish laws, where Moses tells the Israelites. Levit. xL 
21, 22. " These ye may eat, of every fiying creeping 
thing that goeth on all four, which have legs above their 
feet to leap withall upon the earth; even these, of them ye 
may eat; the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after 
his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind/' Now I must 
confess notwithstanding all the learned commentators have 
said upon this passage, it has hitherto appeared to me very 
strange and unaccountable, that here among the pure and 
wholesome creatures proper for human nourishment, beetles 
and those other nasty dry unpromising vermin should be 
thought fit to be reckoned upon as proper food for man ; 
but since I have some little experience of what has happened 
among ourselves ; I cannot but admire the providence oi God, 
and the providence of his lawgiver Moses, who foreseeing 
the great dearth and scarcity that these vermin might one 
day bring upon his people, had a particular regard to it, and 
therefore give them here a premisive precept, or a sort of 
hint what they should do when the corn, olive-trees, fruit- 
trees, and other provisions were destroyed by the locust and 
bruchus, or beetle, swarming in the land ; why then, for 


want of other nourishment, and rather than starve, he tells 
them they might eat and live upon the filthy destroyers 
themselves, and yet be clean ! and thus we see the native 
Irish (though unknown to themselves) were authors of a 
practical commentary on this part of the Levitical law, and 
by matter of fact, have explained what were the sense and 
meaning of this otherwise so dark and abstruse text. 

Here ends this wonderful illustration of this dark and 
abstruse passage of Scripture ; first we remark, how (in 
one breath) the Bible is called by the learned a revelation of 
God's mind and will to man, and yet they say it is dark and 
abstruse ; but if it was a revelation, there would be no 
mystery in it, and it would not be dark and abstruse ; but 
it is not the word that is dark, but it is the mind of man, 
that is so dark, because the mystery of the Scriptures were 
not revealed, they were hid in the bottomless pit, and could 
not be got at till the key was given to open the door. 
Now can any man in his senses suppose that God either 
commanded, or gave the Jews a premisive precept to eat 
such nasty insects, no we are sure if a man had his right 
senses, he would not think that God was such a monster, no, 
no, no such thing was intended ; but both Jews and pro- 
fessing Christians! have erred in giving explanations of the 
Scriptures, and they are reproved by Solomon, in these 
words, " Every fool will be meddling." Yes, they have 
been trying to pick the lock, and force open that which God 
had sealed up till the time of the end, and in so doing, their 
folly is manifest, and had they really believed the Scriptures 
they would never have given their opinions upon them, but 
now it is proved to a demonstration that they were all 
infidels and not Christians, who ever attempted to open the 
mysteries of the Bible before the time came, for they ought 
to have had regard to what was said, viz. " The words are 
closed up and sealed till the time of the end;" therefore 
they were too fast locked up, and so God has secured his glory 
and honour to himself, in hiding the mysteries of his word 
from all men until he himself should give the key to unlock 
the whole, therefore Paul directs, saying, " Judge nothing 
before the time until the Lord comes, who shall both bring 
to light the hidden things of darkness, and make manifest 
the councils of the hearts, and then shall every man have 


praise of God." Vain have been their efforts then, seeing 
that God had reserved this prerogative unto himself, and to 
do it at his coming ; and he tells you in psalm forty-ninth, 
the instrument he will make use of; by whom he will open 
his dark sayings or mysteries, viz. the harp ; " I will open 
my dark saying upon the harp." And if the Scriptures be 
true, and I know they are, this is the way and the only way 
that it must be done to fulfil them ; but here the wise 
ministers of religion would be puzzled to tell us how this 
could be done, for it is a thing that never entered the heart 
of man to conceive the way that God had in view ; how God 
should open his dark saying upon the harp ; yet you see he 
said he would do so, yes, and he does as he said, not one 
word of all that is written shall fail, and by this shall men 
know that God is true, and his word is true; but is God to 
make a harp speak, litterally % this cannot be, a man might 
play a sweet tune upon such an instrument ; but to open a 
dark saying upon it ; let the wise who pretend to knowledge 
shew us, and when they can explain it, then they will bring 
forth the antidote to infidelity, for this is the grand proof 
of the truth of the Scripture, viz. to fulfil the word by 
making the harp to speak, and reveal the dark mysteries of 
the Scriptures upon it, and all must know that such a 
miracle never appeared in their memory, nor in the memory 
of any one, in any age of the world ; but it does now appear, 
and as we know that the pretended wise never did nor ever 
can explain either this simple passage of Scripture, or that one 
in Leviticus, which the wise doctor Molyneux has so wonder- 
fully illustrated, and which the author of the anti-infidel 
seems so much to approve ; we will here for the good of all 
people shew the true meaning of both, without any univer- 
sity, or school education. First, "I will open my dark 
saying upon the harp," that is, I will give the knowledge 
of the mysteries of the Bible to a native of Ireland ; to an 
Irishman. What think ye of this doctor Molyneux 1 Yes, 
and he shall eat or devour the locust after his kind, and the 
bald locust after his kind, and the grasshopper after his 
kind ; and every flying creeping thing that goeth upon all 
four, that have legs above their feet, to leap withall upon the 
earth ; and you have seen the shadow of this, but not the 
fulfilment, in the Irish people eating the locust, as you 

Q 2 


relate, this very thing happened in the providence of 
God, for a type; and these locusts, and flying creeping 
things are nothing else but the erroneous doctrines brought 
forth by men, in every age of the world, but particularly in 
the latter times, by which divers sects have been formed, 
which is the pest of the world, and priestcraft gained such 
an ascendancy, that our peace and substance have been 
devoured by them ; but God has said, that for the sake of 
the honest and upright in heart, he would rebuke them. 
See Malachi, iii. 11. — " And I will rebuke the devourer for 
your sakes ; and he shall not corrupt the fruits of your 
ground, neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the 
time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts." Therefore these 
locusts are the numerous errors, that have corrupted men's 
minds, and devoured their peace, the difFerent perplexing 
doctrines brought forth by all sects and parties, forming the 
spiritual Babel, which is called Christianity, by which men 
have been kept in tormenting fear of everlasting punish- 
ment : punishment, duration without end ; in fire and 
brimstone after death. Now all and every one of these 
doctrines are locusts after their kind, and evil disposed men, 
whose eye was to temporal honour and wordly gain ; have 
sucked the blood of the human race, have set themselves up 
as popes, bishops, and priests, and have taken advantage of 
the weakness of the multitude, telling them that they had 
power to pass them to heaven, when they die, and to save 
them from hell fire ; and for this the people have given them 
their money ; and now such is their power that they are com- 
plete earthly gods, kings, and princes ; and are locusts, in the 
outward figure upon the human race, devouring the weak, 
as the great fishes do the small ones ; but the locusts more 
immediately intended in the text, (Levit. xi. 21, 22) 
— are false doctrines, these insects that breed in the mind ; 
these have legs above their feet to leap withall upon the 
earth, that is, men are their feet, with whom they walk, 
because they dwell in them and walk in them ; and these 
insects having legs above their feet, is to signify the power 
that falsehood has over the mind of man, and they leap upon 
man, (the earth) preying upon him, like wild beasts, thus, 
the dark saying is opened upon the harp. The writer of 
this, who is the very harp mentioned in the text ; and you 



see that doctor Molyneux's interpretation of the locusts is 
cooked and devoured by him. Now this doctor is a bald 
locust, and the leprosy is in his bald head, that is, he is 
naked, he has no hair, he has not the wisdom of God ; but 
his own wisdom, which is a shame to him and all that 
attempt to open the Scriptures by it, as Paul says, " it is a 
shame to a man, (nature itself teaches) to have long hair ;" 
that is, to use his own opinion, or conjecture merely, 
and put it forth as the meaning of God's word, which has 
a Spiritual meaning chiefly ; but men who have so done, are 
bald, as to the true wisdom ; this Paul says, belongs to the 
woman, it is her covering, and her glory, and by the woman 
the Spirit means the person anointed and appointed of God, 
to conceive, to nourish, and bear the true light into the 
world, (not a woman litterally,) but a man (as to the 
outward person,) viz. the harp, the Irishman; by this 
instrument the evil Spirit must be conquered, as in the case 
of Saul, which name signifies hell or the grave. David, i. e. 
(the beloved) played upon the harp, and the music had 
that effect. So shall the knowledge in God's instrument 
devour the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after 
his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind ; and every man 
is a grasshopper, who stands in the flesh, and not in the 
Spirit, for thus it is written : "all flesh is grass, and all the 
glory of man is the flower of the grass ; the grass withereth, 
and the flower thereof falleth away ; but the word of the 
Lord, (which he is opening upon the harp) will abide for 
ever." Rejoice in the Lord O ye righteous, for praise is 
comely for the upright ; praise the Lord with harp. Psalm, 
xxxiii. I, 2. See also Revelations, v. 7, 8, 9. And he 
came and took the book out of the right hand of him that 
sat upon the throne, and when he had taken the book, the 
four beasts, and four and twenty elders, fell down before the 
lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full 
of odours, which are the prayers of all saints, and they sung 
a new song, &c. &c. — Revelation, xiv. 2. And I heard the 
voice of harpers, harping with their harps. — Psalm, xliii. 4. 
Upon the harp will I praise thee, O God, my God. — Psalm, 
Ixxxi. 2. Take a psalm a bring hither the timbrel ; the 
pleasant harp, with the psaltery ; blow up the trumpet in the 
new moon ; in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day. 


Psalm, Ivii. T, 8, 9. My hear is fixed, O God, my heart is 
fixed. I will sing and give praise. Awake up my glory. 
Awake psaltery and harp. 1 will awake early. Awake 
lute and harp. Here the lute and harp are called to awake, 
which mean one and the same thing, both signify the man, 
that was, as it were asleep to his call ; dead to the know- 
ledge of how the Scripture's were to be fulfilled in him ; 
but now the time being come for the instrument to awake 
out of sleep ; the daylight being come, the morning, or 
begining of the day, of the rising of the sun of righteousness 
to heal all wounds, and bind up the breach. The word 
reaches the character in power, and has its effect upon him ; 
he is called the lute as well as the harp, both are musical 
instruments; but the lute is mentioned the more to dis- 
tinguish and shew that a man is intended. Lute signifies 
clay, among chemists, a compound paste made of clay, 
mortar, sand, potter's earth, it is used to join the necks 
together of retorts,* to save them from being melted in a very 
vehement heat. To lute, is to cover or stop up with loam, 
or clay. Now the man is called lute, because that by him 
every vacuum in the Scriptures is fulfilled or covered, or 
stopped up, because the mysteries of the Scriptures are all 
fulfilled in him, for to him they all point, the clay, the lute ; 
with him the Spirit must mix, and when this should come to 
pass men would have their eyes opened to see for what pur- 
pose the Bible was given, that it was to shew that there is a 
God that inspired men to write it, which is proved by the 
fulfilment 'of the predictions of the prophets, who by the 
Spirit foretold what should come to pass in the last days, 
and now the very clay appears ; the very man whom the Scrip- 
tures speak of. Who then shall be able to deny the authenti- 
city of the Bible, or deny the being of a God. Go to John, 
chap, the 9th, and verse the 6th, and see what a plain and 
striking figure is here, representing how the light and truth 
of the Bible should be brought to man. A blind man comes 
to Jesus to have his eyes opened that he may receive his 
sight ; and it is said that Jesus spat on the ground and 
made clay with the spittle, and with this he anointed the 
eyes of the blind man, and told him to go and wash in the 

* N. B. Retort is a chemical vessel, of a round figure, with a hollow beak or 
nose wreathed backward. 


pool of Siloan, and he washed and he came seeing, or 
Shiloh, it is all one, the word signifies sent, it was as much 
as to say, wash away your darkness in the light that I send 
unto you. 

Now Jesus represents God, his spittle represents the 
Spirit, and the pouring out of the Spirit, (as mentioned in 
Joel). And it shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour 
out my Spirit upon all flesh, &c. &c. 

The clay represents the individual to whom the Spirit 
should be given, in whom the Scriptures should be fulfilled ; 
the Spirit of God mixing with the man ; the clay fulfils the 
truth of the Scriptures, takes off the veil, and the Bible is no 
longer mysterious, the allegory, or figure, is fulfilled, and the 
Bible is of no more use, all must look to the book of life, for 
all truth, that is, to Zion, the lute and the harp. Here is the 
standard, the gospel pole, on which the serpent is lifted up, 
and all must bow to this sheaf, that stands up in the 
field, for this is what is represented by Joseph 1 s sheaf, 
standing upright, and all the rest bowing down to it. See 
Gen: xxxvii. 7. The field is the man, the earth, or lute, 
or clay, and the sheaf is the word in the man that is now full 
ripe, and bound up ; the harvest is come, the end of the 
dark world, and Virgo the virgin holds the spike of corn in 
her hand, the bread of life, the word of the truth, to give 
to the hungry, to fill them with good ; which is represented 
in the sign, Virgo in the Zodiac, which the sun enters in 
August, signifying the end of the world, the harvest. Thus 
the mystery of the lute and harp is laid open, shewing that in 
a man the word would be fulfiled, and in a native of Ireland, 
who should be impowered to devour the locusts, and destroy 
them, that they should no more prey upon man, corrupting 
his mind. 

Now the word was not given to the nation of the Jews, 
they were a people whom God used to give his word 
through, they were a typical people merely, but the word 
was to be fulfilled in Israel, or the Israelite ; the harp, and 
the reason why the harp is spoken of so much in Scripture 
is to shew that the Israelite, the prince, or prevailer with 
God, upon whom God should open his dark saying, the 
Israelite should arise out of Ireland. Tnn£ ?n tot Hebrew, 
which is the same word as the Irish word, Erin-go-bragh, 


or brave Ireland, which signifies both in the Hebrew and 
Irish, in this place we are blessed, or happy, that is in 
Mount Zion, the harp ; ' ' here the Lord commanded the 
blessing, even in life for ever more." nws ms Hebrew, 
Hibernia, which signifies both in the Irish and Hebrew, the 
land beyond, i. e. — the fulfilment of the mystery, or shewing 
how the Lord should come, which was ever beyond man's 
thoughts ; and the land, or the man is passed over from death 
to life ; he is passed into the mystery, he is the Jew, the God, 
or man of God ; for this is the meaning of the word Jew, 
God, or passed over. Therefore it is said in the Scriptures, 
Zech. viii. 23. — Thus saith the Lord of hosts, in those days 
it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of 
all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the 
skirt, (the word of truth, or the word that covers the naked- 
ness) of him that is a Jew : saying we will go with you, for 
we have heard that God is with you. Now it is well known 
that Ireland itself is free from all venomous reptiles, none of 
these things infest the country, the people can sleep in the 
woods, fearless of danger from anything of this kind. It is 
said that St. Patrick, banished them thence, and it is true, 
there was such a character as St. Patrick, and he performed 
many wonderful things, and the word came through him, 
that vipers and adders, and all venomous reptiles should 
not breed in that land ; this happened for a type to shew 
that evil should be overcome, and expelled from the man, 
Erin-go-bragh, the man of God, the harp, who is Jubal, "the 
father of all such as handle the harp, and organ" ; by him 
the jubilee, or year of release from delusion and error, and 
from falsehood, which is sin, should be brought in. St. 
Patrick preached the doctrine of the trinity to the Irish 
people, by holding up the shamroc, a species of grass, with 
three leaves exact alike, and the stems one in the other, in 
the top of the main stem, of this we have mentioned a little 
before in this work, but here we bring the whole together 

The ancient Irish had in their grand national standard, a 
large golden harp, and a lifeless snake lying below, or under 
it ; and the flag itself was green, representing a green field ; 
here w r ere the symbols, signs, marks, or emblems, represent- 
ing this very thing that is now come to pass, and were 
ordered and intended by the Spirit, to represent what 


should be done in time to come, in a native of that country, 
that he should be God's green field, in whom should spring 
the flower of everlasting righteousness ; the tree of life, 
signified also by the emerald, a precious stone, colour green, 
which will endure the fire, and come out unhurt ; shews the 
character should endure the fire, the Spirit of burning, that 
he might obtain the Spirit of judgment. The true Shadrach, f 
Meshach, and Abednego, in whom are the three divine 
principles, fire, love, and light, making the one new man, 
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and these 
three are one, viz. one man, the new man Christ Jesus. 
The field of God, the harp of God, at whose feet the serpent 
lies conquered, and lifeless. So the Scripture is fulfilled 
which saith, judgment shall dwell in the wilderness, and 
righteousness remain in the fruitful field, and the work of 
righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness, 
quietness and assurance for ever. Jeremiah, xxxii. 16, 17. 
Again Ezekiel, xxxiv. 27. — " And the tree of the field shall 
yield her fruit, and the earth, (the man) shall yield her 
increase, and they shall be safe in their land, and shall know 
that I am the Lord ; when I have broken the bands of their 
yoke, and delivered them out of the hand of those that 
served themselves of them." Read this chapter through 
particularly from verse 22. 

And now in allusion to this subject, viz. — of the harp, 
shewing that the Israelite, Nathaniel, in whom is no guile, 
must arise out of Ireland. 

In Joanna Southcott's prophecies, this is foretold ; she 
has a vision : she sees French nuts, andwas told to crack 
them, she did so, and found them shrivelled within, and a 
black veil round the kernel ; the Spirit said to her, the first 
fruits are fallen, they are not good ; look up and thou shalt 
see berries, she looked up and saw berries like the berries 
that grow upon potatoes, and the Spirit told her that when 
they should be ripe, they would be good. The potatoes 
signifies the Irishman; and it is quite common with us to 
call Ireland the land of potatoes, and the holy land, because 
it was ordained by God that the solid berries, (the truth) 

* Shadrach signifies a little tender dugg, a fine field, or after the Syrian. 
Thy sending. Meshach, signifies prolonging or drawing, or hedging in of waters. 
Abednego, signifies servant of shining, and this is the three in one, that was cast 
into the burning fiery furnace, viz, of the fire of God's anger, to destroy sin. 


should be found upon the native ; the French nuts withered 
and shrivelled within ; and a black veil round them repre- 
sented his first state, or state of leanness, barrenness, or 
unfruitfulness, and darkness ; he was in the enemies land 
signified by France, (they were French nuts,) and France 
being the common enemy of England, that country always 
represented the evil power, it being a papal government. 

We could bring many prophecies both of ancient and mo- 
dern date, that point plainly to this same thing, and prove the 
truth of what is before stated. We will mention one in Nixon's 
prophecy, though he being counted an idiot, the reputed 
wise cannot imagine that God could speak by such a one ; 
but Gods thoughts are not as proud man's,! nor his ways 
as man's ways, and it is written, he chuseth the base things 
of this world, and things that are not to bring to nought 
things that are, that no flesh should glory in his presence ; 
but we write these things not for the sake of the wise, but 
for the sake of the foolish, who, (however paradoxical this 
saying may appear,) will be proved to be the wise, and 
charitable, who believeth all things, hopeth all things, 
beareth all things, endureth all things, envieth not, boasteth 
not, vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, thinketh no evil, 
rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth, and 
never faileth. 

The Spirit through Nixon says, there shall be a great 
dragon over Sudsbrown, his head shall be in Stafford Town, 
and his tail in Ireland. Now this is as curious and intricate 
a prophecy as any that stands in the Scriptures, and not any 
more curious or abstruse than any of them, and is of equal 
importance with them, and deserves the same respect and 
reverence, forasmuch as it came from the same source, as 
that which says, " Moab is my wash pot ; over Edom will 
I cast out my shoe." (Psalm, Ix. and verse the 8th. ) ; and 
has the same meaning, which we defy all the clergy in the 
world to explain with all their pretentions to divinity, but 
they get over these things in a very artful manner, telling 
the people, that these mysteries they ought not to enquire 
into. "Secret things (they say) belong to God; but 
things that are revealed belong to us." Here they can 
quote Scripture to suit their own purposes ; but they are 
conscious that they have not the knowledge of the truth,